• Brian Heady

Ultra Modern Goth Wedding

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Savannah and Logan Church’s stunning winter wedding was held at The Terraces on Sir Tyler in Wilmington, NC. Winter Wonderland met an en vogue, gothic theme at this ultramodern wedding. Snow capped Christmas trees adorned the room while black lace votives made up simple yet elegant center pieces. A stunning and delicious black and burgundy wedding cake towered over a table of white silk.

The couple’s distinctive taste was ever present during their wedding making the day completely attune with them. They chose hymns from “Legends of Zelda” to walk down the aisle to and 90’s rock music was played in the background during

dinner hour.

After a delicious dinner served by Diamond Catering, an old tradition made its way into this otherwise contemporary wedding. The dollar dance! Guests showed their support to the new couple by paying for a dance with either the Bride or Groom. 

The dollar dance naturally turned into an open dance floor. Regal Events DJ provided the tunes and the rest of the evening was spent drinking and dancing the night away celebrating the union of Savanna and Logan Church! Congratulations to this beautiful young couple and may they live happily ever after.

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