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The Perfect Match

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Downtown Wilmington Wedding

Jen and Samantha Ivey were married on the first day in December at the beautiful Saint Thomas Preservation Hall in Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC.

Wedding decor was on point! Flowers by Fiore adorned the hall giving the room a sweet smell and elegant look. When the ceremony was complete and the doors of Saint Thomas were flung open, cheers

Wedding Cake Topper

from friends and family alike filled the street. Such high energy always makes for an excellent celebration.

And celebrate they did! Guests hooted and hollered as Jen twirled and swirled Samantha around during their first dance. They roared with laughter at the infamous shoe game and got wild on the dance floor strutting their stuff and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Dinner was provided by Middle Of the Island Catering and was absolutely divine. Wedding cake was on the menu for dessert and was created by Imaginary Cakes. The awesome cake topper was a spitting image of Jen and Sam and was made by a close friend.

The night was well documented by photographer Eric Boneske and Me Video. Congratulations to Jen and Samantha Ivey, a gorgeous couple with a contagious energy!


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