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Beautiful Inside And Out

Wedding Ceremony

The gorgeous couple, Phillip and Julianna Chase, were married on the edge of the marsh at Brick Landing Plantation against the backdrop of a magnificent southern sunset.

After sunset photos were taken, the wedding DJ, Regal Events DJ announced The Bride and Groom into their wedding reception. The newlyweds entered the room dancing, smiling and laughing which set the tone for a fun and upbeat evening to come.

A delicious dinner was enjoyed by all. Following dinner, guests cheered as the couple cut their wedding cake and lovingly fed once another a bite.

After dessert, the dance floor was opened and guests were ready to party the night away! There was something for everyone to dance to from beach music to Motown to Miami house beats. It didn’t matter what the DJ played, the dance floor stayed packed.

Somewhere during the evening Chase and Julianna gave a touching thank you speech where they spoke of love, change and being grateful for what is. Congratulations to a couple who are both as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!


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